Saturday, May 23, 2020

ZJ fuel tank swap

Original metal fuel tank is having pinhole and enough for patching it every 2 years. Decided to swap with ZJ plastic tank (p/n: 52018371).

fuel pump and tank level sensor moved to new tank and installed. 

Tank is bit larger and fuel tank skid needs some mod, a little spreading of front and rear edges required.

Friday, April 17, 2020

New shocks - Bilstein 5100s

Ordered Bilstein 5100 shock kit for from Amazon.

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set compatible with 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ w/5-6" Lift

 Finally they arrived and installed immediately :D

my old shock, BPE  at top, shock is from Mitsubishi L200 pickup, length is identical.

top mounted, fully extended, hope axle will not move down excess this length

rear done

front comparison, old shock is rear shock of Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series, bottom mounting modified. 5100 is longer than old ones, both extended and compressed.
Hope 5100s will not bottom out under full compression of front axle, having approx 3" gap between front bump stop and hockey puck inside coil

shocks arrived 2 kinds of stickers, of course this one is suitable on this window.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

LED headlight

Decided to upgrade headlights to a LED. Too many of 5x7 rectangular LED headlights on ebay and Amazon, read lots of comments and reviews. Higher priced or known brand models are of course good, but I am looking bit cheaper one. relatively cheaper headlights are not good as advertised, not water tight or not acceptable cut-off line etc.

Finally ordered LED headlight from Amazon $74.99 - BICYACO DOT 110W 5x7 Inch Led Headlights

Nicely packaged, with installation instruction, 2 breather holes, good quality plugs, and they advertised DOT SAE approved.

Prepared everything, rings and back cups are sanded and painted.

middle row is low beam, on high beam, all LEDs are lighting.

very nice cut-off line

and high beam. It lights like LED bar

low beam

high beam

front speaker replacement

got a 4 Ohm BMW speakers from a friend. Installed them in front door.

before changing speakers, installed some sound deadening sheets

found crack :( around window glass motor area


Speakers are bit bigger than mine, so inner panel needs a cut


Sounds very nice.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

new radiator

My old stock radiator leaked few points, around filler neck, around radiator input and output. Decided to upgrade radiator, good aluminum ones are crazy expensive, affordable ones are mostly having negative reviews. After short googling, ordered Spectra Premium CU1193 Complete Radiator with 16lbs Stant 10230 Radiator Cap.

They arrived and installation is straight forward. After filling with coolant, it seems volume is lower than stock one, but after few days it almost emptied overflow bottle, needs adding some more coolant.

A/C radiator and hoses were removed, because it lost refrigerant within weeks after filling and now also finding R12 is very difficult nowadays. Result:
1. got a some space in front of radiator and
2. no air blockage, means better cooling :D

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Distributor replacement

Recently had a knocking/ticking sound from right side of engine when cold. Googled about it and checked distributor. Rotor and cap was okay, but shaft has a play top to down and side to side.

Ordered new one WAI DST4693 and replaced it. It has a brass terminals, overall quality seems very nice.

before removal, noted a rotor position

After distributor installation, checked shaft play, it has a very little top to down play. Anyway resetted PCM and now knocking sound gone

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019


mounted a roller fairlead for my winch

added a stripe of sheet to strengthen

cleaned, spray painted and roller fairlead mounted there,
license plate is temporarily sandwiched between bumper and roller. Will add some sheet metal or plate behind.

will mount and connect control box, in cab in/out switch soon.

blower issues & solution

Had an issue with blower motor since last winter. 25A fuse, thermal fuse and longest resistor of blower resistor frequently blown. After that I rewired relay and switch directly to blower motor, blowing high speed only.

Rreplaced everything related to blower, blower motor, blower resistor, blower speed switch and mode selector etc, still got fuse blown. in weekend, checked all components by replacing them one by one and later wiggling wires, found that, a green wire at blower resistor short somewhere behind dash panel/glove box. Have to remove dash and check all wires, but it will took whole day, based on youtube videos.

Partially dismantled dash panel and revealed those wires from blower motor resistor to climate control. Both green wire insulation damaged and one was definitely shorted in place of insulation damage. Used a shrink tube and insulation tape, problem solved. No more blown fuse, now we have a 4 speed blower :D